Dressing Aid Stick...

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Key Benefits & Features

  • 27” long with 2 hooks for retrieving items
  • If you need some assistance in buttoning shirts or zipping up jackets, this wood dressing stick is just the tool for the job. It comes equipped with a hook on each end that makes dressing up an easier process. Ideal for those with limited mobility or those recovering from injuries or surgery.
  • On one end, the button aid helps you button up shirts, blouses and jackets. It works well with standard size buttons. Just pass the loop through the buttonhole, over the button and pull button through the loop. Easy!
  • A small metal hook is attached to the other end that assists with zippers on jackets, coats, sweatshirts and pants.
  • Easy to grip. The durable wood construction is made to last and feels comfortable in your hand.
  • Compact and portable. This lightweight dressing stick is only 9 ¼ inches long so you can take it anywhere. It fits nicely in your bag, purse or backpack.


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